What is your shipping policy?

Currently we ship only to the lower 48 states. We're always trying to make shipping cheaper too. At this time, we do not allow returns.

Is your frosting gluten free?

Correct! We actually produce in a gluten free kitchen, too. 

Is there sugar in your frosting?

Yes! We're not creating a 'healthy' frosting, we're creating a 'better for your' frosting. We've taken extra care to make a frosting of real, whole ingredients we could find. That means sugar! We use organic confectioner's sugar, which is actually powdered cane sugar (unrefined sugar.) We also are one of the only natural frosting out there without palm oil.

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact: eatfrostd@gmail.com

Any other questions?

Please send us a message: eatfrostd@gmail.com