Meet Clare Gallagher...

Life Motto

Earthraging -- yes, that's a motto, it means enjoy Mother Earth passionately and with respect, everyday. 

What inspires you?

My brothers inspire me: one's a Green Beret, the other's on track to be a public defender. They inspire me to not take running too seriously because there are a lot more important things in life, but also to take running extremely seriously because it's my vocation and avenue to make positive change in the world. 

Favorite flavor of FROST'D. Why?

Turmeric Coconut. Anyone like coffee? Ever thought of what a pre-coffee mouth-gasm would feel like? That's what happens when you put a spoonful of TC frosting on your tongue before taking a sip of your Joe. 

How do you enjoy FROST'D. 

With my daily coffee, oatmeal and warm pastries or bread. I love putting the frosting on a warm vehicle, like GF banana bread, and watching it melt into perfection. 

One memory of you 'living life to the fullest/on the edge.'

During the Leadville 100, while eating frosting, I wondered when I'd get to eat a better type of frosting other than the chemical BS we have in grocery stores. I pre-dreamed of FROST'D. while earthraging in Leadville. Then, while pacing a friend at the BEAR 100, I saw FROST'D. on the side of a car. It was pouring and freezing and I yelled into the aid station abyss: "WHO IS FROST'D.?" It was then that I discovered Jessica Hamel (well, her boyfriend, Josh, who told me Jessica would get back to me after she finished running 100 miles). Who knew frosting and 100-milers had so much in common? Those were moments of brilliant living.