Sweet Talks: Kelly Newlon, Real Athlete Diets

Here at FROST'D. we're all about living life liberated and we're inspired by people who are not letting fears hold them back and doing amazing things with their life (and, maybe, not afraid of a little sugar every once in a while.) This will become a monthly series of interviews and recipes. 

First up, we have the lovely Kelly Newlon, founder of Real Athlete Diets. Kelly can most of the time be seen found ultra-running celebrities across the world. She's super cool and makes a mean FROST'D. truffle. 

Sweet Talks PT 1: Interview

Sweet Talks PT 2: Recipe -- Turmeric Coconut FROST'D. truffles.

Recipe is super easy:

  1. Take a high-quality dark chocolate and melt it using a double boiler (we put a metal bowl over a sauce pan with some boiling water in it.)
  2. Scoop the Turmeric Coconut FROST'D. and roll into little one inch balls.
  3. Using a fork, dunk the FROST'D. balls into the melted chocolate until covered.
  4. Sprinkle with toppings: cacao, coconut shreds or hibiscus powder.
  5. Place in freezer for 5-10 mints until set.
  6. Enjoy! Pop them in coffee, warm milk or your mouth!
jessica hamel