Stir It, Whip It, Melt It... eat it with a spoon!

FROST'D. can be a replacement for your favorite cookie butter, frosting or other sweet spread, but how do you prepare it? Well, there are a few ways to use it, but we first have to mention: coconut oil is very sensitive to the outside temperature. FROST'D. may be softer or harder at times, but it's really easy to work with. Here are a few tips:

  • Want to just scoop FROST'D. out of the jar? 
    • Stir with a spoon until creamy
    • If it's a little hard, run the jar (with cap on) under hot water until it has softened up





  • Want to pipe it on to a cake or other dessert?
    • We suggest re-whipping in a mixer for a nice and fluffy texture
    • A little dry? Add a teaspoon of water
  • Want to drizzle it?
    • Heat it in a pan over low-medium heat and stir until melted
    • You can also dip fruit in the melted FROST'D. and then freeze it for a hard shell
  • Other ideas
    • Cook with it 
    • Add to coffee or hot cocoa 

We can't wait to see what you're making with FROST'D. Share with us: and #followyoursweettooth